Monday, November 13, 2006

The farm to the left is situated just over the bridge at Speedwell Forge, and the playfulness of simple colour planes and their association we make with children's building blocks and the memories of watching t.v. as a child and seeing 'Little House On The Praire' and now I find myself living almost in this 'Innocent Utopia' ....all this is fuelling creativity.

Here is a series of photographs I have taken around the Lancaster County area. new eyes to an area may or may not see the same as accustomed locals. When travelling around there has been a sense of urgency and 'carpe diem' captuing the essence of a place the light change due to sudden cloud shift has often altered the mood of the landscape,one late evening in October I remember leaing the house at 4.30 pm. and 'chasing ' the sun going down... A hundred images in 30 mins and found myself at a crossroads filming the early moon set against a silouette of a Silver Birch .
The painting above has a number of subliminal messages....the use of two near identical buildings and towers beside one another but each having a variety of colour and unique features addresses the issue of identity and conformity. The fronts of the buildings facing to the East and the division of earth and sky by an ominous dark woodland along with the 'ghost-face' image in the shifting cloud formation all add to the intrigue and curiosity for the viewer. When I was at art college I made a study on the work of 16thCentury artist Albrecht Durer, and one of his master engravings 'Melancholia' had a hidden image of his recently lost mother's face, this along with the distorted skull inthe foreground of 'The Ambassadors' by the Flemish artist Hans Holbein both have references here.


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