Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Four large scale paintings (6x6feet) of Lancaster County.....climate and mood.
This is a studio shot of some new work in progress.
A wall of paintings at Mulberry Art Studios,Lancaster March/April 2007.
...one of the large paintings in the Mulberry show ....I was intending a marriage, a dance between land and sky.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is an installation view of one wall of paintings from my 'Sense Of Place' solo show running throughout March and April 2007 at Mulberry Art Studios in the heart of Lancaster,Pennsylvania.
The painting above , 'Penryn Lakes Farm I ' (oil on canvas 4x4feet) was one of the first paintings I made after arriving here from England in the Summer of 2006. It was intended to be an initial sketch and light study but it captured the essence of my feelings at the time so it remained in this state.
This painting entitled 'Ghost in the Machine...or Twins' was made in the early hours of the morning when I was producing work at a prolific rate.....this intensity of workrate has been peaking on a regular monthly basis.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

'Into The Fall I ' (oil on canvas 3x4.5feet)
'Penryn Lakes Farm II'(Oils and Emulsion on Canvas 6x6feet)....with an obvious reference to American Abstract Expressionism and a contemporary homage to Jackson Pollock.
'O.ut Of The Fall II' (Oils,Aerosol and Emulsions on Canvas 4x4feet).....a celebration of human physicality and nature hand in hand

Friday, March 09, 2007

This is one of a series of four(3x4feet oil on board painting) entitled 'Sense Of Place'
They were produced in response to discussions we had at Airy Hill Artists meetings on Wednesday nights at the house....I attempted to take Pennsylvanian agricultural imagery and 'forge' it with the industrial images I was surrounded by as a child growing up in the industrial heartland of South Leeds ,back in England.
'Blue Blades Of Light' (oil on canvas 6x6feet)....I feel a sense of spirituality in this work and it was produced specificaly for my first solo show in the States,at Mulberry Art Studios in Lancaster...thank you April.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This painting made in response to a visit I made to New York back in August 2006 presents a playground of lines and shapes, the busy confused elements of the city combined with the magic of the consumers billboard.
Penryn Lakes Farm II ....4x4 feet oil on canvas. This was a very quick study and play with colour and lighting conditions to portray a sense of place ,mood, and atmosphere.
Here are some mini-constructions I made last year with a ' grand plan' to have them built over here in the States.....not quite yet realised but the dream is still here !
One of a series of panoramic landscapes with the attempt to personalise architecture.
A recent painting....I was thinking of the Pre-Raphaelite skies I saw as a student in Birmingham back in the 1980s aswell as the English countryside tradition....connecting this with the 'Plein Air' landscape tradition of this region.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

'Sense Of Place III' (Oil on Board 3x4feet)...the introduction of a wider colour spectrum seems to allow for broader portrayal of emotions, this piece was an attempt to link what I was seeing now connected to memories as a child.
'Penryn Lakes Farm...From The West' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)...the sea of greenery in the foreground prompted a looseness in brushstroke and an abstraction of landscape.
'Times Square Series I-V' (oil on canvas 4x4feet each).
'American Monument'(oil on canvas 4x4feet) ......"Where There's Muck There's Brass"....the soiled rendering of the pig-feeder seemed appropriate.
This was the first painting I made in America in August 2006. 'Approach'(oil on canvas 4x4feet).
'Cathederal' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)....another painting produced in the early hours of the morning with heightened sensitivity. This work was a turning point for me and as served as a strong foundation on which I have been able to build on since...such as the 100+ photo-silkscreens.
'Journey's End' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)....without the double-yellow lines the landscape could have been timeless...I wanted elements of both past and present in the same work.
'Agricultural Panoramics I & II' (Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas 2x6feet each).

'Sense Of Place I'(Oil on Board 3x4feet)
'The Twins' (oil on canvas 4x4feet).....the landscape being used to make universal socio-political commentry aswell as emulating the everyday to almost iconic status...this painting has a number of levels for interpretation.


Friday, January 19, 2007

'Urban Rural' all 3x3feet.
'Untitled'(4x4 oil on fabric)
'Sense Of Place II' (oil on board 3x4feet)
'Across Speedwell' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)....an allempt to capture the beauty of light.
These were the first paintings I made in the States back in August 2006...all 4x4 oil on canvas.
'Sky Frame' (oil on canvas 4x4feet) , a study made from some close-up photogtaphy I took of barns/farm machinery...my aim was to capture the essence of man-made fabrications coexisting with nature, the expanse of the Pennsylvanian farmlands portrayed through the sea of blue.
'Autumn Tree'(oil on canvas 35x40ins.)..a loose,liquid and spontaneous rendering.
These earlier abstract paintings served as an expressive release...the one above has been worked on and off for over six months and I still cannot decide how to complete it
...maybe I'll let Kieran or Ellora decide !
.....my son crept into this picture aswell. 'Seclusion II'(oil on canvas 6x6feet)....I wanted an array of sketched marks across to surface to exagerate the scale of the work,the sky can be seen as a page from a sketchbook.