Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This final image in the series (oils on canvas 3x3feet) allows a certain degree of freedom of expression in the aerosol use in the sky and transforms the rural everyday into the urban surreal
This one is titled 'Seclusion' and aswell as it's focus being simplicity and singularity there are also references to isolation and protection....
This is a romantic view of landscape.... childlike,innocent,and spiritual.
This one I titled 'Fertile Soils 2006' . When I took this photograph it was an unusually wet day out near the 501 and dare I say it, just like 'English Weather' with the moist rain-drenched turf all around.......then I started to think of the masses of open spaces in the States and abundance of space to grow.

This end of the series embraces immediacey, spontaneity,and urgency all in one.


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