Monday, January 08, 2007

On a visit in late November to an outdoor sculpture park near Trenton I made use of the vanishing light and began the first series of 'Night Moves'.
Atmosphere and the use of accident in these images along with the notion of 'time capture' all add up to producing intriguing imagery and I feel thought-provoking images.

This is my first 'moon-drawing'
This farmhouse on the 501 is splendid.... what more can I say!
Movement,repetition and both subdued and sharpened lines make for an interesting view of the rear lights of a truck on the open road.
The above image is just one of a series of aprox.100 from my experimental photography I made at a rock concert at Giants Stadium recently.

I took these night time photographs in December but as of yet not really found an avenue in the studio to express them with any real conviction....they may stand as works in their own right ..what do you think ?


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