Monday, November 13, 2006

One of the farms just off Airy Hill Road where I now live, the geometric placement ,scale, nestled recesses of soft greys and pyramidical motif were all factors in it's selection. The foreground 'sea of whistling green earth lines' allowed for abstraction and elements of surrealism to creep into the piece......albeit hiding in the foreground field, add to the ambiguity of realism in the work. This cascade of sunlight on the Horseshoe Trail and linear silouette are now prevalent in the newer, more abstract paintings.
Obvious homage to Pollock again, but also a personal need to reinstate figuration and in this case the symbol I've come accustomed to using for my new home...the silo tower and barn.
Now this was the first painting I made of the large farm on Airy Hill Road, the memory of the sunny afternoon when I first came across this is still fresh with me three months on. The light and magical invitation of the path along with the tree-high cornfields and the reflective pond against the clean white and pure farmhouse building facade captured me immediately. I hope to revisit this spot a number of times this year for those reasons.

Here are some recent drip paintings made in the studio, the increase in output and the linear aspects of woodlands in the fall have taken me towards a free expression in form...last night in the studio I began to reintroduce urban aerosol and the silver coating in particular helps transcend the works...more to follow.


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