Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This painting made in response to a visit I made to New York back in August 2006 presents a playground of lines and shapes, the busy confused elements of the city combined with the magic of the consumers billboard.
Penryn Lakes Farm II ....4x4 feet oil on canvas. This was a very quick study and play with colour and lighting conditions to portray a sense of place ,mood, and atmosphere.
Here are some mini-constructions I made last year with a ' grand plan' to have them built over here in the States.....not quite yet realised but the dream is still here !
One of a series of panoramic landscapes with the attempt to personalise architecture.
A recent painting....I was thinking of the Pre-Raphaelite skies I saw as a student in Birmingham back in the 1980s aswell as the English countryside tradition....connecting this with the 'Plein Air' landscape tradition of this region.


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