Friday, January 19, 2007

'Urban Rural' all 3x3feet.
'Untitled'(4x4 oil on fabric)
'Sense Of Place II' (oil on board 3x4feet)
'Across Speedwell' (oil on canvas 4x4feet) allempt to capture the beauty of light.
These were the first paintings I made in the States back in August 2006...all 4x4 oil on canvas.
'Sky Frame' (oil on canvas 4x4feet) , a study made from some close-up photogtaphy I took of barns/farm aim was to capture the essence of man-made fabrications coexisting with nature, the expanse of the Pennsylvanian farmlands portrayed through the sea of blue.
'Autumn Tree'(oil on canvas 35x40ins.)..a loose,liquid and spontaneous rendering.
These earlier abstract paintings served as an expressive release...the one above has been worked on and off for over six months and I still cannot decide how to complete it
...maybe I'll let Kieran or Ellora decide ! son crept into this picture aswell. 'Seclusion II'(oil on canvas 6x6feet)....I wanted an array of sketched marks across to surface to exagerate the scale of the work,the sky can be seen as a page from a sketchbook.


Blogger michaelj said...

Was good to meet you this 1st Friday and view you beautiful paintings at the Mulberry Art Studios.
Your works do inspire me.
Congratulations on a wonderful and exciting show.
Keep up the good work Shane.
Enjoy seeing your varied styles in your works.
Yours in Art
Michael George J

Ps be sure to check out my May 4th or May 6th reception. would be proud to have you attend. Bring friends.

10:08 PM  

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