Thursday, January 25, 2007

'Sense Of Place III' (Oil on Board 3x4feet)...the introduction of a wider colour spectrum seems to allow for broader portrayal of emotions, this piece was an attempt to link what I was seeing now connected to memories as a child.
'Penryn Lakes Farm...From The West' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)...the sea of greenery in the foreground prompted a looseness in brushstroke and an abstraction of landscape.
'Times Square Series I-V' (oil on canvas 4x4feet each).
'American Monument'(oil on canvas 4x4feet) ......"Where There's Muck There's Brass"....the soiled rendering of the pig-feeder seemed appropriate.
This was the first painting I made in America in August 2006. 'Approach'(oil on canvas 4x4feet).
'Cathederal' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)....another painting produced in the early hours of the morning with heightened sensitivity. This work was a turning point for me and as served as a strong foundation on which I have been able to build on since...such as the 100+ photo-silkscreens.
'Journey's End' (oil on canvas 4x4feet)....without the double-yellow lines the landscape could have been timeless...I wanted elements of both past and present in the same work.
'Agricultural Panoramics I & II' (Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas 2x6feet each).


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